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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost to come and paint?
    Our studio fee is $8 per painter and this is for unlimited painting time until we close. Our pottery pieces range from between $2 to $45, with most of our pieces being between $16-$30.
  • How long does it take to come and paint?
    We recommend you allocate at least an hour for painting. Younger kids will typically finish faster than older kids and adults, who might need 1-2 hours.
  • I don’t have time to paint during your open hours, what can I do?
    We have To Go Kits for those who would like to paint at home! You can either come into the store or give us a call to order the kit. You can fill out a form here. Please email the form to
  • What if I don’t finish painting before you close?
    About 15 minutes before we close we will ask if you would like to take your piece home and come back another time to finish painting -at no extra cost-. We cannot hold unfinished pieces due to limited space, so you must take it with you.
  • I’m not very creative or artistic, should I bother painting something?
    Everyone’s got a little artistic spark in them! Our friendly studio assistants will be more than happy to provide tips, inspiration, and guidance so you can reach your creative potential!
  • Can I bring food or drinks in?
    You can bring in light snacks and drinks, but if you plan to bring event-like food (pizza, cake, etc.) we will need to charge an event fee of $12 per person.
  • Can I bring alcohol in?
    One bottle of wine or equivalent beverage is permitted per group during open store hours. Please bring your own cups.
  • Can I host a birthday party or event here?
    Yes! Pricing is dependent on how many painters there will be as well as when you would like the event to be. Every event, regardless of when it is, will be subject to a pricing per painter and a refundable $75 deposit. During regular store hours: (Sun-Fri 12-6pm) You can have an event of up to 25 total attendees (includes painters, non-painters, parents, etc.) with no additional fees. There is no minimum of painters. If you will have more than 25 total attendees (includes painters, non-painters, parents, etc.) and want your party during regular store hours, you are required to book out. You are more than welcome to book out the studio if you have less than 25 attendees, but we require a minimum of 8 painters for this. (If the event has less than 8 painters on the day of, you will be charged for the full 8 painters.) Please review our book out fees below: For events with a start time of 12pm OR after 4:30pm… Pricing starts at $300 for a 2 hour event (host can arrive up to 30 min before to set up, host has 15 minutes after end time to depart) Extra $100 for each additional hour of the event. For events with a start time of anywhere between 1-4pm… The studio must be booked for the whole day at a price of $700, regardless of how long the event will last. (There would not be enough time for walk-ins before or after the event.) Outside regular store hours: (Before 12pm, after 6pm, and Saturdays) Pricing for us to open the store outside regular hours starts at $150/two hours, and every additional hour is $75. We require a minimum number of 8 painters in order to open the store outside regular store hours. If the event has less than 8 painters on the day of, you will be charged for the full 8 painters. _________________ Please send us an email at or call us at 203-504-2059 to fill out an event request form. You can also fill out a form here. Please email to info@luckypennypottery when done! ****The opening and book out fees do not include price of painters. Painters will be charged accordingly based on how many people paint on the day of the event. At any time we can only accommodate an event of up to 50 attendees.
  • What is your capacity?
    We can comfortably seat 35-40 people. If you want to host a larger size party please call to inquire.
  • Do you have any discounts?
    At this time we are not offering any special discounts as we are still working on getting back on our feet from reopening earlier this year. Thanks for understanding!
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